Create profound shifts in your relationships, career, and life.
Explore new perspectives, break through limitations and redesign what matters most to you.


ATLAS is a three-part training based on dynamic, experiential learning that has been developed and refined over the past four decades. Our workshops are facilitated by world-class trainers through inspiring lectures, group exercises, interactive games, guided visualizations, and journaling. ATLAS is an exciting, introspective, life-changing four-month journey of growth, discovery, breakthrough, and daily practice. The program builds sequentially so that you create permanent shifts in your life, experience increased joy and freedom, and ultimately identify and manifest your life’s purpose.


The first stage of this powerful journey allows you to deepen awareness and explore new perspectives on how your life and the world occurs to you. Discover your underlying beliefs and blind spots that impact your past, present, and future. Learn life-changing tools that will support you in living the life of your dreams.


With this newfound awareness, BREAKTHROUGH provides an intense and dynamic environment to break through deeply-rooted patterns and experience ultimate freedom, joy, self-love, and confidence. This powerful process will connect you with your life’s purpose and radically expand what you believe is possible in all domains. Many people have said these are the most profound five days of their lives.


In the final and most valuable part of this journey, you will integrate everything you’ve learned into your life and the world. You will work with a personal coach to achieve your goals, develop your unique talents, and make a difference in your community. REDESIGN will positively and forever impact your life, the lives of those around you, and your vision for the world. You will master leadership and live a life by design rather than default.

“I had the most incredible, life-altering experience throughout this journey. Instead of always holding myself back with the same old excuses, my biggest breakthrough was taking action beyond my career and living with a ‘life is now’ mentality.”


– Kimberly Hacker, Entrepreneur